Pay Cycles

Hourly associates are paid for periods worked on a bi-weekly pay cycle beginning on a Sunday and ending on a Saturday. The pay date is the following Friday. Some hourly associates are paid on a weekly basis as required by state law. The pay date for these individuals is also Friday. The schedule for processing payroll is as follows:

Pay Cycles


Pay Cycles

Payroll inputs (hours/commissions/adjustments) are submitted by individual Sears units at or before 12 noon local time.

Payroll inputs validated; payroll errors researched and corrected. Data analyzed and reviewed for integrity and completeness at unit, business and company levels.

Paper paychecks and reports begin to print. Direct deposit statements that are legally required to be printed by Sears also begin to print.

Wednesday Paper paychecks, reports and the required-to-print direct deposit statements are packaged by units and sent from Troy Support Center via Next Day delivery (to arrive at units on Thursday). Units can access tracking information via 88sears HR/Manager Self-Service / Reports / Payroll Shipment Tracking.

Payroll packages arrive in units; direct deposit statements may be distributed to associates.


Paper paychecks distributed to associates. Please note: due to IRS and banking regulations, paper paychecks may not be distributed to associates until Friday.

Pay statements are available online at 12:01 a.m. on each payday via 88sears - My Personal Information( All associates may view and print their pay statements as needed.


Salaried associates are paid on either a bi-weekly or semi-monthly pay cycle. Bi-weekly schedules mirror the schedule above for hourly associates, with the exception that pay statements are mailed to the home address of most salaried associates. Bi-weekly pay dates are on Fridays. Semi-monthly pay dates are the 15th and the last day of the month. If either of these dates falls on a non-banking day (Saturday, Sunday or national holiday), the pay date is moved forward to the next available banking day. For example, if the 15th is a Sunday, the pay date would be Friday the 13th. Semi-monthly salaried checks are placed in U.S. Mail on the day before payday. Direct deposit assures that your pay is always in your account on payday.

What if I don't receive my pay?

What if I don't receive my pay?

Direct deposit

If your pay has not been deposited in your account on the date of pay:

  1. Verify with your bank’s ACH department representative that all scheduled deposit files have been processed.

  2. Contact the HR Support Center at1-888-88sears(1-888-887-3277).

  3. A customer service representative will review your payroll record to verify your deposit or make arrangements to have a check issued to replace missing or incorrect deposits.


If you do not receive or lose your paycheck:

  1. Notify your local HR representative.

  2. Your local HR representative will contact the HR Support Center to verify with the bank that the check has not been cashed. This process generally takes one business day to complete.

  3. Upon verification that the check has not been cashed, the HR Support Center will authorize replacement of funds locally or issue a replacement check, depending on your business policy.


What if my pay is incorrect? (hours, payments, deductions, etc.)

Consult with your local HR representative. They will be able to review your situation and process or request correcting entries to a subsequent payroll cycle.